Blake Shelton | Mine Would Be You

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I always pictured myself as being someone you’d miss, somewhere along the line, and I hoped you might think that I was some sort of exception to your plans and your direction. But I realized quite soon that who I am bares no reflection to the part of me you held so high. To the memories that fade, I can stand till my legs break but you could smile and I fall down, walk away and shut me out.

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7/100 Brilliant Covers

City and Colour // Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) (Alicia Keys cover)

You give me a feeling that I’ve never felt before
And I deserve it, I think I deserve it

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when i met you, i thought i knew the definition of pretty

i thought i knew what a beautiful soul should look like

you looked like the definition of all things i wanted to be

if someone asked me what my favorite things were

id say sunrises and the sea

you are those to me

the color of your hair reminds me of the sunsets and sunrises

your eyes as clear as the sea

nothing gets me in such a daze like you do

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Hugo - 99 Problems

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I love this song haha

And my nightmares will have nightmares every night.
Let them miss you. Sometimes when you’re always available, they take you for granted because they think you’ll always stay. Anonymous  (via feellng)

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Hozier - Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys cover)


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